Rope Park - What is it?

Rope park – all kinds of rope passages and obstacles between trees or on artificial poles at a height of 1 to 20 meters. All routes vary in complexity and are intended for both adults and children.

Who visits the Rope Park in Kudowa?

All who want! Kudowa Rope Park is an active and interesting holiday for adults and children. Routes vary in difficulty and height, allowing you to choose a route for each visitor category. All routes are equipped with a safety system that guarantees a safe stay in the treetops.

What is required to visit the Rope Park Kudowa?

To visit the Rope Park in Kudowa, all you need is your wish. Wear sportswear, comfortable sneakers and come to us. Limiting the conquest of the route can only be insufficient height (see route description), medical limitations of physical effort, the last period of surgical intervention. Some rope park projects are not designed for weights over 130 kg (e.g. aluminum ladder). The participant taking part in the adventure at the Rope Park under 18 years of age should be with the guardian who signs the statement.

Isn't that dangerous?

Rope Park Kudowa is a company – a park in which double snap hooks are used, which guarantees absolute safety. Experienced instructors and detailed instructions will make your visit easy and pleasant.

Do park constructions harm trees?

The construction of the Rope Park in Kudowa and in particular the steel elements are not in direct contact with the trees (isolated) The Rope Park fastening system is completely safe for the trees!

Why are there growth restrictions at the rope park in Kudowa and not age?

It is important to understand that growth restrictions are not related to the physical or psychological abilities of visitors. The height of the lifeline does not allow children who do not fit in the amount specified in the park’s rules of use to attach the safety carabiner themselves. This is an important technical point for visiting the rope park.

Tell me about the park's opening time?

The duration of the rope park operation depends on the daytime hours, weather, and whether the event takes place in a specific park with closing routes for all participants. Attention! The ticket office finishes customer service half an hour before the park closes!

Does the park operate in winter?

Yes! In the winter season – we are waiting for you at the Kudowa Rope Park for extreme crossings of glaciated adrenaline enthusiasts.

Are there any restrictions on the number of people visiting the group?

There is no limit to the number of people per group visit. However, it should be remembered that the route cannot exceed 20 people at a time. Therefore, if your company, organized group exceeds 40 people, you must know that participants who are not on the route receive free or paid entertainment devices (e.g. paintball shooting range or off-road go-karts) to ensure continuous fun.

Can you arrange a vacation?

Of course! We have extensive experience in organizing events at various levels: children’s events, birthdays, graduations, student and company events, integration training, a rope course, as well as outdoor events.

Are there any physical restrictions?

No, there are no physical restrictions! Our routes are completely safe and designed in such a way that everyone can choose the route that suits them best or go any route. However, you should carefully assess your options and not have contraindications to physical activity. It is necessary to call the help of an instructor who, if necessary, can evacuate you with the help of special equipment (winch) to the ground. It is safe! It should be remembered that during the evacuation from the route using additional equipment, the visit to the rope park is considered completed on the given route, however, the easier route can be tried.

Are there any weight and height restrictions?

Weight limit – no more than 110 kg (aluminum ladder). Growth restrictions only for children and young people (see chapter on choosing a park).

Do you need special clothes?

Wear light, comfortable sportswear and flat-soled shoes with a closed nose and a fastening heel that will not restrict movement.

What if it's raining?

The park operates according to the current weather, sometimes in drizzling rain, it is possible to climb the routes, but in bad weather we invite everyone to additional recreational equipment or to postpone the date to a later hour or day.

How long is the ticket valid and how is it different from the voucher?

The ticket is valid on the day of purchase, while the voucher, in turn, has a limited validity in time.