Current information about COVID-19

In connection with the situation related to the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, we would like to inform you about our recommendations and actions that we have taken at Kudowa Rope Park in recent days. We encourage you to read the following entry and track its update.

We will keep you updated as soon as they occur. We are aware of the threat and constantly monitor the situation and respond to the guidelines of the Polish authorities and relevant offices.

[ Update, 6.04.2022 ]

  • the last few days have seen a significant decrease in the number of infections in Poland. All thanks to our responsible behavior, No limit of people in shops, restaurants and the reopening of clubs and discos – we would like to thank all people for responsible behavior!

[ Update, 26.03.2022 ]

  • from march 28, we abolish the obligation to wear masks

[Update, 17.05.2020]

  • the equipment after one use is forcibly “disinfected” twice according to the highest level of protection

[Update, 8.05.2020]

  • determining the places of taking and passing belay equipment, taking into account the safe distance

[Update, 29.04.2020]

  • changes introduced in the rope safety training “contactless training”
  • change in the manner of operating safety equipment
  • introducing the possibility of using your own personal climbing equipment

[Update, 28.04.2020]

  • introducing an electronic signature to the guardian’s / parent’s statements to eliminate the need for a traditional signature on paper. Statements are signed on the guardian’s / parent’s own device

[Update, 27.04.2020]

  • introducing card payments to keep distance and the ability to issue electronic confirmations by phone number
  • introducing on-line payments to reduce the number of people in the queue or eliminate it completely
  • verification by instructors of purchased tickets online without the need for printed confirmations, a verification system based on the order code has been implemented. The order confirmation code is sent in status messages (email and / or SMS). Please provide the code to the instructor or scan using the instructor’s phone.

We have taken appropriate actions out of concern for our employees and participants of the Kudowa Rope Park. Their safety, protection and also informing about possible threats is our priority.

[Update, 26/04/2020]

  • using the Rope Park Kudowa in protective gloves
  • hand disinfection before entering the Rope Park routes
  • disinfection of the safety harness after each use
  • disinfection of the safety helmet after each use
  • it is mandatory to wear protective masks at the Kudowa Rope Park
  • designation of 2 meter intervals in a queue

Thank you very much for understanding and following our recommendations.